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Our recommendation for you:
the City VOLTIMER.


The inexpensive entry-level model with a smaller motor and sufficient battery capacity for daily trips into the city.

Our 100% recyclable and non-self-flammable LFP batteries combined with a charger (max. charging time approx. 3 hours). In addition driving in only one gear without clutch - our perfect city runabout for you.

Great attention guaranteed.

Data and ​facts

  • 15 kW motor 8000 rpm 48 V

  • LiFePO batteries 10 kWh

  • 3kW charger

  • Curtis Controller

  • Range about 70 km

  • Loading time approx. 3 h

  • Volt display on old fuel gauge

  • battery management system

  • 2 kW heating incl. fan

  • DCDC converter

  • TÜV approval

conversion from 22,500.00 EUR VAT included.

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