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Our recommendation for you:

the Hobby VOLTIMER.

Upgrade the battery capacity to a range of 250 km. With the VW bus - whether T1 or T2 - no problem at all.

Lots of space for loading and with every KM the feeling of being on vacation. 
You decide how big the motor and how fast the chargers should be.

Now new: We install original Li-ion batteries from the ID.3 completely in the underbody.

Welcome to the 60's.

Data and ​facts

  • 44 kW  asynchron motor 96 V

  • Li-ion (ID.3) batteries 41.4 kWh

  • 9 kW chargers

  • Curtis controller

  • Range approx. 180 km

  • Charging time approx. 4.5 h

  • BMS display unit 3.5 inch

  • battery management system

  • battery disconnect fuse

  • 2 kW heating incl. fan

  • DCDC converter

  • TÜV approval

conversion from 52,500.00 EUR VAT included.

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