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Peugeot 205 Green | available immediately

Our immediately available VOLTIMER.

Peugeot 205 Green (1988 model) - the perfect  city car with an incredible space.

Optimal Range for Urban Environment

In an urban environment, the average daily distance covered by a car is approximately 36.9 kilometers in Germany. Considering this, owning a City VOLTIMER with a range of 70 km is more than sufficient for daily commuting and short trips within the city.


Seamless Overnight Charging

One of the remarkable advantages of the City VOLTIMER is its compatibility with standard household power outlets. Overnight charging becomes effortless as you can simply plug it into a regular socket, allowing the vehicle to be fully charged and ready to go by the next morning. This means that you'll have a fresh 70 km of range every day without needing to visit specialized charging stations.


Versatility for Urban Lifestyles

The Peugeot 205, in addition to its efficient electric drivetrain, offers a surprising amount of interior space. It's not just a compact car – it's an absolute room wonder. This extra space translates into practicality for various day-to-day scenarios.


Everyday Errands Made Easy

Whether it's a quick run to the recycling center, picking up groceries, or commuting to work, the City VOLTIMER is tailored to the needs of urban living. Its 70 km range ensures that these tasks can be carried out seamlessly without the need for frequent charging.


Handling Household Tasks

The City VOLTIMER's versatile design extends beyond daily errands. Need to transport a new washing machine or furniture? The spacious interior can handle these tasks without the inconvenience of borrowing or renting a larger vehicle.


Your Family's Needs Met

The City VOLTIMER's capabilities expand to support life's significant milestones. Moving your children to their first apartment or dorm becomes hassle-free with a car that can comfortably accommodate their belongings while maintaining its environmental consciousness.


In conclusion, the City VOLTIMER with a range of 70 km is perfectly suited for the demands of urban living. It provides not only efficient and eco-friendly commuting but also addresses a range of practical needs, making it an excellent choice for those looking for a sustainable and versatile urban transportation solution.


Enjoy the French driving comfort electrically.

Data and ​facts

  • 15 kW asynchron motor 48 V

  • 10 kWh LFMP batteries

  • 3 kW charger

  • Curtis Control (USA)

  • Range about 70 km

  • Charging time approx. 3 h

  • battery management system

  • 2 kW heating incl. fan

  • DCDC converter

  • TÜV approval

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