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Experience the drive of the future in the unforgettable design of the past.

Discover now our selection of fully converted electric classic cars. Each car tells its own story and is waiting for you to drive.

Electric MercedesStrichAcht.jpg

Immediately ready to drive
No waiting times, no hurdles. Your new VOLTIMER is ready for you to start. Just get in, drive off and enjoy the driving experience - without any effort. Experience smooth drive, peaceful quiet, and rock-solid reliability. 

Secure your VOLTIMER now
Ready for a journey into the past – and into the future? Arrange a test drive with an immediately available electric classic car now or buy it directly. 


Electric Peugeot205Green.jpg

It's time - get in and drive!

Any questions?

We look forward to your call on +49 7304 430685 or yourse-mail.

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